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Welcome to EXPECT Asia.


The name derives from the services that we provide: EXpediting and insPECTion.

Within the Petrochemical and related industries today procurement
activities are attracted to Thailand’s manufacturers and fabricators at an increasing rate.

EXPECT Asia provides local presence for these international
clients for the Manufacturing insPECTion of components such as pipe,
fittings and fin tube to the fabrication of complete items such as columns,
heaters, boilers, combustors stacks and ducting.

EXPECT Asia is combination of trained and experienced insPECTion professionals.

Our team strives to be original, listens to your needs and goes beyond your expectations.

Above all we are completely dedicated to focusing on quality and schedule,
giving open and honest advice and feedback at every step of the manufacturing processes.

If you are looking for a representative partner, specialized in providing quality, educated, multi-lingual staff
then contact EXPECT Asia for a consultation today.

Our existing clients are from Algeria, Bahrain, Brunei, France, Gabon, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore,
South Africa, Spain,... and we are also actively promoting other countries within our industry specialization.


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